I wanted to transfer the messages that my mobile receives to a word or text file in my PC. Is it possible to do it serially through COM port ??

I also tried sending a message to USB Modem (micromax modem with a docomo SIM). I used the following python code.

import serial
 import time 
ser = serial.Serial('COM4', 9600) 
while 1:
 data = ser.read() 
if (data): 
print "data : ", data
The baud rate and all are correct.

When I used this, I checked for the output in cmd window. the output was just blank space.
Meaning that, the message was not being read by serial COM port.

Please help. Pls suggest any code in python or any other language in order to transfer messages from my mobile to computer, or transfer messages sent to the usb modem to a notepad or wordpad or anything else.

If this is not possible, is it possible to send the messages from mobile to any webpage or email,using some android application ?