Hi ,

I am looking for workers with these qualification to join our company - Revizer.com

We are a young x-sturtup company with a lot of good minds and tons of work to do.

Our offices are in central Tel-Aviv

If you have someone interested please contact



1. Windows desktop applications developer

C++/C# Win 32 Developer
Windows and browser add-on developer
Knowledge of browser plug-ins and extensions and architecture
Proven Experience in the developing windows client application
Deep knowledge in WIN32 API - Advantage
Deep understanding with C#/C++ patterns and objects oriented development (OOD/OOP)

2. Backend Developer
Developing and maintaining product backend.

2+ years of experience in a lead or senior development role.
Python, PHP or Ruby expertise. (Python prefered)
Knowledgeable in working with Django, Flask or other web frameworks.
Database experience.
Linux knowledge (sys admin level is a plus).

Solid background in web services .
Experienced with high volume traffic.
Skillfulness with both front-end and back-end development.
Familiarity with JavaScript and one or more of its libraries (e.g. jQuery, YUI, Mootools), CSS3 and HTML5

3. QA

with cover letter is better
professorial network profile if relevant
can provide recommendations
at least few years exp as QA
willing to work in small company
education - some is good
testing windows apps
testing web apps
understanding of windows internals
anti viruses/security
bug tracking systems - must
knowledge of QA procedures/docs - must
communication skills, good character - must
documentation/tracking skills - must
good writing English - must
team player
culture of working in small companies