Hello Im a Noob To Python i just started to use it 2 days ago
For my first project im diving in deep
I have a old Batch program i want to convent to python
Im using python 2.7 because their is a loot of snippets on Google
My IDE is Eclipse
So her is the first problem of many to come :

#import _winreg
#from _winreg import *
from _winreg import OpenKey
from _winreg import QueryValueEx
from _winreg import HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

hKey = OpenKey (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, r"SOFTWARE\ESET\ESET Security\CurrentVersion\Plugins\01000400\Profiles\@My profile")
EsetUsernme = QueryValueEx (hKey, "Username")
EsetPassword = QueryValueEx (hKey, "Password")

print EsetUsernme[0]
print EsetPassword
print EsetPassword[0]
('\x1b\xd6\xb5\xe9\xb1\xf0\x9c\xf24d', 3)

#wanted Output
1B D6 B5 B1 F0 9C F2 34 64