I am a newbie to Python. I just have 2yrs experience in C# Asp.net Web form.
I have gone through a couple of tutorials but I am still not sure. So, I decided to do a project as a way of learning better and I need help and guidance to get it done
My project is an application to download background image from bing.com, save it to my hard disk and make it a wallpaper in my Windows 7 machine.
The steps are:
  1. Goto bing.com and get the url location of the background image.
  2. Save it a specific folder in my PC
  3. Make it the wallpaper in my Windows 7

I guess, a scheduler can be used to run it every 24 hrs.
Couple of project I saw on net deal with ubuntu or mac and they get the image from a RSS feed which is stopped updating now.
Where do I start from?