Okay, so I've recently took a rather violent dive into some interesting topics, notably Stackless, but with some other stuff.

The name "PyPy" came up.

I was wondering, could you use PyPy and Py2exe to create a standalone program that could read code garnered from a small external directory, effectively making it internally modular? Or do I have a bad idea regarding what PyPy does?

For example, say I have a game written with Pygame, compiled to exe using py2exe, running PyPy inside of it. Within the file's directory, it could have a sub-directory named "scripts" or such, containing python scripts that it could then integrate into it's main coding? Something of an expansion system?

I have a few ideas on how I could use this and XML to make an externally mod-friendly scriptable game. I just don't really know if it's worth taking the time and effort to dig into PyPy documentation.

Also, does py2exe work with Stackless? Haven't tried, but it would be nice to know.