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    New to python - need suggestions on approach for 1st planned development project


    per title, i'm new to python but have programming exp w/ other languages & would appreciate some guidance for planned development prj

    not knowing the environment well, i apologize in advance if i do not provide the necessary details or use incorrect terminology but can certainly provide add'l information as best possible if requested

    i would like to write program in python that will parse simple ascii log file and store data from log file into database

    os platform will be linux and initially there will be no web interface (everything done from linux cmd prompt). down the road the vision is to add a web frontend to interact with the backend database to retrieve data based on login credentials provided in the web interface.


    1) what would be the suggested version of python - 2x or 3x - and why? (there is no existing code or other anything to interface with)

    2) what database would you recommend that can be used for initial dev work (no frontend web interface) that will also serve well when frontend web interface is added at a later date?

    3) from a dev perspective, what python tools/modules/other would be good to use to interface with the database you recommend for first phase - python program is run from cmd prompt only with no web interface?

    4) when frontend web interface is added what would be recommend web framework (maybe this is not the correct terminology?) to use to collect login credentials used to access certain data in backend database and run the same python program that was initially only used from cmd prompt (if possible)?

    5) would it be better to just start with a frontend web interface from the start instead of trying to add the frontend piece later on? if so, again what framework would you suggest and are their books/online resources you can recommend?

    thank you in advance
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    I would suggest that you start small and add new functionality one step at the time.

    1. Read a log file and parse the data
    2. Add tail-like functionality, watching when the logfile changes
    3. Write code to add lines from the logfile to a database
    4. Change the original program to print log lines from the database
    5. Introduce a web framework to be able to read the log lines in a web browser

    As with any program language, I think you should stay away from using an IDE until you've learned the basics.

    For python2 vs python3, read this: http://wiki.python.org/moin/Python2orPython3
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