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    How can I write a file to a shared folder?


    I have 2 linux machines (raspberry pis), one set up as a NAS server, and another one which will run a script for me.

    The goal: I would like to have the one raspberry pi use python to write a .csv file to an already mounted directory. That way, after the script is completed and the file is written to the shared folder, I will then be able to access the .csv file from my windows computer on the same network.

    As it stands now, I can see the Samba share from my windows computer, but I can not figure out how to make python write the file to that shared location instead of the pi's desktop.

    This is the code I have that writes it to the desktop:
      outputFile = open('lights.csv', 'w')
      for i in range(len(button_array)): 
              #Convert the button's time_on variable to a string and append a comma and newline.
            outputFile.write(str(button_array[i].total_time_on) + ',\n')
    So for this specific example, lets say that I have mounted a directory /mnt/My_Network_Drive to the server pi at //hostname/Folder.

    Does anyone know how to fix my code? And if there is something else I am missing, I would appreciate hearing that too. I am still very new to linux, networking, and python, and I would appreciate any input.
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    unix paths look all alike, even if the virtual file system spans many real file systems.

    Had you tried

    open('/mnt/My_Network_Drive/lights.csv', 'w')

    and as a unix command you should be able to create a file

    echo hi world > /mnt/My_Network_Drive/a.file
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