I have a USB/tty/RF device that connects to a USB port and allows the computer to transmit and receive serial data over an RF link. The one I have is similar to one sold by elechouse.

I have used this successfully with my PCs, being able to send and receive data between my various computers, using programs that I wrote in C# and using microsoft's serial class.

I am now trying to use it with my Raspberry Pi. I've installed python (version 2.x) pySerial (also version 2.x) and written some python programs for it. I can indeed open a serial connection to the device. And when I do a serial.write it returns a number indicating that it has indeed sent the correct number of bytes out to the "serial port" on the USB device, and presumably out into the RF antenna. But I am never able to successfully READ any bytes. It never receives anything. It never shows anything in the input buffer and reads from the device show nothing received.

I've tried a number of different configurations and nothing works when these python programs are running on my Raspberry Pi.

I CAN access my USB/tty/RF devices using my C# programs running on my PCs and it all works fine there.

I installed 2.x python and 2.x pySerial on my PC and run my python programs there and they do NOT work, just like on the Raspberry Pi.

My conclusion is that there is something wrong with pySerial.

Does anyone have any experience with this or can offer some suggestions on getting it to work?

Mahalo (that's Hawaiian for Thank You)

- RogerInHawaii