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    Please help....about flowchart of a program

    I don't know how to do this flowchart. I have only two hours to submit this. Please someone help me........

    Draw a complete flowchart for the Odd-Even game. This works as follows. One player selects even and
    the other player selects odd. The two players simultaneously display either one finger or two. If the sum
    of the two fingers is even, the player who selected even wins. Otherwise, the player who selected odd
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    The sum is always odd.
    "One player selects even and
    the other player selects odd."

    Top oval, fill in the word start.
    two lines come down from it / \
    Rectangle at bottom of each of these lines. Same label.
    "choose 1 or 2"
    Lines converge from bottom of rectangles to another rectangle. \/
    This holds the word sum.
    Line comes down from that to a diamond ( a square with the points left-right and top-bottom
    In diamond is text, reads Odd?
    Line sticks out from bottom|
    Line sticks out from right corner -
    label one of them Yes
    label the other No
    at the other ends of these lines are a rectangular box.
    In the correct one write "player a wins", in the other, "player b wins"
    Lines converge still farther down the page to an oval that says "end"

    Maybe some of the rectangles should be parallelograms without 90 degree angles. I forget what those represent.

    Well, it's worth more than a D.

    The parallelograms are for IO. The "choose 1 or 2" boxes could be parallelograms if they represent IO. Or even if they are simulated IO by computations. Or, if they are computations and not IO you could stick with the rectangles.
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