Im new to PyQT and I could use some help with it. Im making a GUI that will type out cheat codes multiple times for Age of Empires. It has check boxes for four options in which you choose how many times you want the code to run from a spin box. There are two other options that only need one instance so there are no spinboxes for those. I will need to have the program type out the code like from the keyboard, meaning it needs to hit enter, input the string code, and press enter again every time the code runs. Im not seeing anything that accomplishes this.
Problem is Im not seeing how I take my code from IDLE and use it with PyQT, Im probably just overlooking something big. Im also confused as to how I should set it up. I was thinking I could put the variables into a dictionary and run them all in a for loop, but then what about the two that are either run once or not at all? Maybe if statements for those? I tried the dictionary thing and it says that the variables arent defined, so I tried defining them and it said the same thing. I got mad and deleted the code but I could write it up again if you need it and if you want to see the gui file PM me and ill send you it. Thanks, any help is appreciated!