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    How to run this puthon code

    hi, i am basically related to Java , and i am working on universal remote so i have allot of re-research on this topic and finally i found a python code on this site rtfms.com
    i have no idea about python , as i have read that the python code will create a wave file with input of pronto hex code and the end of python code you can see some Samsung pronto hex codes
    and Now i want to run that python code so i google and find how to run python code online and find this link ideone.com and i pasted the entire python code but getting some errors, because i have no idea about python
    please help me

    Runtime error comments (0)
    stdin copy
    Standard input is empty
    Standard output is empty

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "prog.py", line 6, in <module>
    import numpy as N
    ImportError: No module named numpy
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    the error is pretty self-explanatory.
    ImportError: No module named numpy

    that online python code running site doesn't have the module called "numpy" installed for use.
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    You can get numpy from the enthought python distribution, among other places but in particular they are my friends.

    Also, please look up the definition for the acronym rtfm .
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    If you have the Windows OS you are lucky and can use Portable Python (can be installed on a flash drive and run from there). It's free from http://portablepython.com/

    You have to figure out which version of Python you need (Python2 or Python3), then download the appropriate version. Both version come with a boat load of third party modules, including numpy. There is also a very nice IDE (editor) called PyScripter that you can edit and run our code from.

    code like
    print "something"
    name = raw_input("Enter your name: ")

    indicates the older version 2 of Python

    For example Portable Python

    This package contains following applications/libraries:

    PyScripter v2.5.3
    NumPy 1.7.1
    SciPy 0.12.0
    Matplotlib 1.2.1
    PyWin32 218
    Django 1.5.1
    PIL 1.1.7
    Py2Exe 0.6.9
    NetworkX 1.7
    Lxml 2.3
    PySerial 2.5
    PyODBC 3.0.6
    PyGame 1.9.1
    PyGTK 2.24.2
    PyQt 4.10.1
    IPython 0.13.1
    Pandas 0.11.0
    Package file size (compressed): 106MB

    Installed size: based on selected packages, between 50MB and 545MB
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    A lot of people have had success learning Python by starting with pygame.

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