to describe this breifly,
lets say I want to apply a gloss map to an existing material.

if you've ever looked at Samus from SSBB,
she has her normal metal texture applied with a gloss map using only a single UV channel.
(the dark characters from the SSE (SSBB's adventure mode) work in the same exact manner)

how could I duplicate these results using the Fixed Function Pipeline??
(why the old FFP?: this is actually exactly how the rendering works in SSBB)

I don't need a full rendering code XD
I just need to know how to apply the material to an existing model using multiple textures with different settings... heh

does using a for loop with glBindTexture() and different texture parameters work as expected??
or does the last texture override the previous textures??

would I need to draw the same model multiple times (perhapse clearing the deapth buffer) to achieve the effect??
or can it just be done at the material level with multiple textures??

this is too much work to play around with manually, so I hope someone here is experienced enough :/

thank you