# =================================================================================================================
# =================================================================================================================
if cookieID != 1977 and r'(msn|gator|amazon|yandex|reverse|who|cloudflare|fetch|barracuda|spider|google|crawl|pingdom)', host ) is None:

        # locate the ID of the page's URL
        cur.execute('''SELECT ID FROM counters WHERE url = %s''', page )
        data = cur.fetchone()        #URL is unique, so should only be one
        if not data:
            #first time for page; primary key is automatic, hit is defaulted
            cur.execute('''INSERT INTO counters (url) VALUES (%s)''', page )
            cID = cur.lastrowid        #get the primary key value of the new added record
            #found the page, save primary key and use it to issue hit UPDATE
            cID = data[0]
            cur.execute('''UPDATE counters SET hits = hits + 1 WHERE ID = %s''', cID )

        # find the visitor record for the (saved) cID and Cookie
        cur.execute('''SELECT * FROM visitors WHERE counterID = %s and cookieID = %s''', (cID, cookieID) )
        data = cur.fetchone()        #cookieID is unique
        if not data:
            # first time visitor on this page, create new record
            cur.execute('''INSERT INTO visitors (counterID, cookieID, host, city, useros, browser, ref, lastvisit) VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s)''', (cID, cookieID, host, city, useros, browser, ref, lastvisit) )
            # found the page, save its primary key for later use
            vID = data[0]
            # UPDATE record using retrieved vID
            cur.execute('''UPDATE visitors SET host = %s, city = %s, useros = %s, browser = %s, ref= %s, hits = hits + 1, lastvisit = %s
                           WHERE counterID = %s and cookieID = %s''', (host, city, useros, browser, ref, lastvisit, vID, cookieID) )
    except pymysql.ProgrammingError as e:
        print( repr(e) )

If at some point an error is made does that mean that no update/insertion happens?
PEhats that is why iam seeing no entries at all into my database tables?