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    # a program that will generate a list of prime numbers and find the sum of the primes in a certain range.
    def list_prime_numbers_in_range(lo, hi):
            return a list of prime numbers in range(lo, hi)
            doctests.  python -m doctest thisfile.py
            >>> list_prime_numbers_in_range(40, 45)
            [41, 43]
            >>> sum(list_prime_numbers_in_range(-1000, 7))   # adding the numbers in the list
        primes = []    # useful
        # for all the candidate primes in in range(max(lo, 2), hi)
            # if the candidate is prime
                # append the candidate to the list of primes
        return primes
    # next we need a function that tests a number for primality
    #def is_prime(candidate):
            Boolean function that returns True if and only if the numeric argument is a prime number.
            >>> [is_prime(maybe) for maybe in (60, 61, -99)]
            [False, True, False]
        # for suitable trial divisors:
            # if candidate mod (the trial divisor) equals zero:
                return False  # not prime
        return True  # passed the test, must be prime.
    n = 10
    result = list_prime_numbers_in_range(0,n+1)
    print('primes less than or equal to {}: {}'.format(n, result))
    print('sum of these: {}'.format(sum(result)))
    [code]Code tags[/code] are essential for python code and Makefiles!

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