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    python: two differenet entities (a library and a command) with the same name

    I am trying to use a library and a command with the same name (from another library) in the same code but get an error.
    My code has:

    import copy #(from which I use deepcopy)
    from xlutils.copy import copy
    The error I get is: AttributeError: 'function' object has no attribute 'deepcopy'

    I guess this is because they have same name.
    I`ve also tried:

    from copy import deepcopy

    but got the same error. Any idea how to address this issue? Thanks
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    closing code tag needs slash [/code]

    from xlutils.copy import copy
    replaces the object to which `copy' refers. Many approaches will work.

    from copy import deepcopy
    and replace in your code where you have copy.deepcopy simply use deepcopy

    You could

    import copy
    import xlutils
    xlutils.copy.copy(args) # refering to xlutils copy

    import copy
    twisp = copy.deepcopy # subsequently referring to twisp instead of copy.deepcopy
    from xlutils.copy import copy
    oval_lake = copy # later use oval_lake in place of copy

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