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    Unhappy which button should be shown

    suppose we have a lot of buttons with specified texts & locations... for example our buttons are {'main','report', 'memory', 'bills',...} now we have an array that determine which button should be visible for example z1=['report', 'bills'] the contents of this array can be the other buttons in your oponions, how can i write the code? should i compare the text of every button with "z1" array, before defining every button this is not reasonable,because the numbers of buttons are alot please helppppppp Confused
    this is mu code
    	self.button = Button(self.master,text="memory", command=self.ouvrir)
            self.button.grid(row=1, column=1)
            self.button2 = Button(self.master,text="report", command=self.tabluh)
            self.button2.grid(row=1, column=2)
            self.button3 = Button(self.master,text="setting", command=self.new_window)
            self.button3.grid(row=1, column=3)
            self.button4 = Button(self.master,text="calibration", command=self.cal)
            self.button4.grid(row=1, column=4)
            self.button5 = Button(self.master,text="empty weight", command=self.weighing)
            self.button5.grid(row=1, column=5)
            self.button6 = Button(self.master,text="bills", command=self.history)
            self.button6.grid(row=1, column=6) 
            self.button7 = Button(self.master,text="full weight", command=self.full)
            self.button7.grid(row=1, column=7)]
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    I don't understand your question, so, how does the program know what button should be visible? Generally, the code or function that knows buttonX should be visible would first call a common function that calls grid-forget() on all buttons. It would then grid that specific button, say self.button5, so it is the only one visible.
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    Did you want to reconfigure the layout or just disable some buttons?

    If merely disabling perhaps run a loop like this:
    ....but first, store all the buttons in a list. Let's call it buttons.
    states = (tkinter.DISABLED, tkinter.NORMAL,)
    set_z1 = set(z1)  # sets compare efficiently
    for button in self.buttons:
        configuration = button.config()
        # I do not know what are the elements of the text item tuple, you probably need the last one.
        button_text = configuration['text'][-1]
        button.config(state = states[button_text in set_z1]
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