hello friends
i want to communicate between raspberry and a microcontroller(xmega32) that transmit and recieve its information by ascii modbus protocol on its serial
so i installed pymodbus3 on the raspberry and wrote the following program...
[import serial
import pymodbus3
from pymodbus3.pdu import ModbusRequest
from pymodbus3.client.sync import ModbusSerialClient as ModbusClient #initialize a serial RTU client
from pymodbus3.transaction import ModbusRtuFramer
import logging
log = logging.getLogger()

#count= the number of registers to read
#unit= the slave unit this request is targeting#
#address= the starting address to read from#

client= ModbusClient(method = "ascii", port="/dev/ttyAMA0",stopbits = 1, bytesize = 8, parity = 'N',
baudrate= 57600, timeout=2)

#Connect to the serial modbus server#
connection = client.connect()
print (connection)

##.Starting add, num of reg to read, slave unit#
result= client.read_holding_registers(0x00,3,unit= 0x05)

#Closes the underlying socket connection#

i got this error

[DEBUG:pymodbus3.transaction:Running transaction 1
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/pi/start/serial/modbus/pymodbuss3/firss.py", line 24, in <module>
    result= client.read_holding_registers(0x00,3,unit= 0x05)
  File "/home/pi/pymodbus3/client/common.py", line 117, in read_holding_registers
    return self.execute(request)
  File "/home/pi/pymodbus3/client/sync.py", line 82, in execute
    return self.transaction.execute(request)
  File "/home/pi/pymodbus3/transaction.py", line 70, in execute
    'Server responded with bad response'
pymodbus3.exceptions.ModbusIOException: Modbus Error: [Input/Output] Server responded with bad response]

why? i saw the raspberry tx output by laptop..the transmitted string was:050300000003F5 in your oponion what is the problem? i think the problem is due to the end of ascii frame(/r , /n)(10,13 hex)..micro don't understand the end of the frame...how can i include (/r , /n)(10,13 hex) by commands of pymodbus3 module