Hi All,

I came across devshed and wanted to engage with the Python community and understand
a lot more about what is most relevant in today's market, future trends to watch out for and
really understand the market in greater technical depth.

I will be very open behind the motive here, I am a recruiter who focuses purely on the Python
market. Rather than spamming you all with daily job advertisements and adding no value to
the community, I wanted to understand more about what works for you as a community, how
you prefer to approach your job searches and where you search for new positions.

Any information on the most utilised boards, sites, discussion boards etc would be greatly
appreciate but also whether there is anything I can do as a recruiter to make all your lives
easier when searching for a position.

Along with any points on what you do like to see, do mention anything you hate to see
(No matter how blunt) as this will help shape as a minimum my companies approaches but
hopefully long term should other recruiters frequent devshed the wider recruitment
community as well.

On a side note, I am considering attending Pycon this year and wanted to see which days
typically have the best attendance and whether there are certainly days that are more highly
recommended to attend?

Many thanks in advance and I look forward to all comments moving forward

John Thistlethwaite - Understanding Recruitment