dear Python Community,

i am running OpenSuse for a decade - and i am very very happy with this. I love Opensuse .

Some days ago i wanted to install Python on my computers -

a. on a Lieap 42.3 - i am very very glad that i do not have any issues on this machine.
b. i need to install python on a windows-box too - since at work - i do not have any linux. Unfortunatley!

so at the office i am on Windows 7

i have installed python 3.6.4

but the first setup was __without__ the correct environment variables

so i choosed the modify_setup

in the advanced options

+associate files with python (requies the py launcher)
+create shortcuts for installed apps
+add python to environment variables
precompile standard libraries
download debugging sympols
download debug binaries

want to stall the development version of overpy

Install git and run the following commands on the command-line.

$ git clone
$ cd python-overpy
$ python install

But in the Windows CMD this does not work at all - nothing.
And untlll now i was not able to work with pip -

why is this so!?

what can /& what should i do?