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    Very complex regex

    hi guys

    i have following type of strings
    {tag}this string can have anything in it, including html tags and newlines etc, even it can have curly brackets like {variable}.. etc{jag}whatever,whatever,whatever{/jag}{/tag}

    where jag-tags always come before the closing {/tag} I have to fetch values between {tag}*{/tag} pair for which I am using the following regex


    it gives me my target values in $matches[1];

    But now the problem is that in some cases {tag} is not closed properly e.g please consider the following,

    {tag}this string can have anything in it, including html tags and newlines etc, even it can have curly brackets like {variable}.. etc{jag}whatever,whatever,whatever{/jag}{tag}
    <html><html>lots of html</html>
    {tag}blah blah blah{/tag}

    now this regex will fetch from the first starting tag till it finds the last next closing tag and hence creating problems.

    Now I want to write such a regex that sees if an opening tag is found without closing the previous one then it stops reading further characters, and create an array of such values separately. So that I can find out which strings have incorrectly closed tags e.g in above string i have UNDERLINED the two types of strings that I want to store ideally in separate index of final array so that I know which are the values that have incorrectly closing tags

    thank you very much for your help.
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    Generally, parsing markup cannot easily be done with regexp. See this thread for a good example. Your best bet is to tackle this procedurally.

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