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    Help Needed Matching a String, using Regex's Or function


    I just recently found out that Regex might be a way to solve a currently problem I am attempting to solve.

    What I have is a string, like the following:
    "Bill says............\"Oh, [player id=3425549]O'Sullivan[/player] cut that one up like a wee 9-iron!\" The ball sails straight between the sticks as [team id=44328]Reaper RFC[/team] ease out to a 7 point lead."

    I want to be able to see if another string matches up to this one, but sort of working out every possible combination, I found out that Regex has a sort of or function, but I am having trouble getting it to work, in java...

    Heres an example of the type of pattern I want to use on the above sentence:
    "Bill says............\"Oh, ([player id=3425549]O'Sullivan[/player]|[player id=56746531]McDonnell[/player]|[player id=35604392]Lyons[/player]) cut that one up like a wee 9-iron!\" The ball sails straight between the sticks as ([team id=44328]Reapers[/team]|[team id=44328]Reaper RFC[/team]) ease out to a 7 point lead."

    So when I compile the above pattern and run it against the previous sentence I am hoping to get a match, is this possible using Regex and Java, and if it is where am I going wrong with my pattern?

    Thanks in advance
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    What are you actually trying to accomplish? You can be much more generic than this and just match any string that has a [player] tag followed somewhere by a [team] tag. To specific which players and teams are valid is more difficult.

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