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    Identify external links in a string and add text to them

    Guys and girls,

    I'm using PHP. I usually like to work these things out myself but I'm totally stuck.

    Taking a clump of text e.g. from a CMS entry, I want to check all the links in the text and for those that do not contain


    in the URL path I want to add the text along the lines

    "(this link will take you away from this section)"

    to the text in the anchor tag, for all links in the text provided.

    <a href="some/other/place">my link</a>
    would become
    <a href="some/other/place">my link (this link will take you away from this section)</a>
    I got as far as this for the expression:
    PHP Code:
    but couldn't even get that to work...

    Really appreciate some help with this. Many thanks.
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    PHP Code:
    preg_replace('#(<a href="((?!folder1/folder2)[^"])+"[^>]*>)(.*?)</a>#is''$1$3 (this link will take you away from this section)</a>'$text); 
    If you need that explained (it's okay if you do) just say something. I would now but I just woke up and I feel weird. Not sick, just... weird. I could probably give a good explanation now but I think it'd be best if I waited a bit before trying to talk at great lengths about something kinda complicated.

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    (<a href="((?!folder1/folder2)[^"])+"[^>]*>)(.*?)</a>
    The important part is the ((?!folder1/folder2)[^"])+. (?!...) means that there should not be a ... at this point. Put it before a [^"] and you get the next character isn't a " and neither is it the start of .... Now that only takes one character, so it gets grouped together with a () and repeated with a +.
    (There are a couple other ways of doing the same thing but that's the method I prefer.)

    The rest is simple if you know that .*? is the same as .* except it matches as few characters as possible.
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