So this should be a simple problem. I want to "find" a word but only if its just that word. For example "word" but not "words" or "sword". Then I want to wrap that group in something while keeping the surrounding spaces(or newlines etc...).
Side Note: This is in Flex

Currently I have this regex:
and this to replace stuff with
$1<font color='#34A3DC'>$2</font>$3
Which works fine until there is the case of a sentence like this:
word word1 word word1
Only every second word gets selected because once it finds the white space it keeps it so the next word wont match(hard to explain) but heres how the regex selects it:
word word1 word word1

So it will never match the "word"'s because it doesnt see them as having a space.
How would I go about this, should be fairly simple.

Thank you,

EDIT: As I guessed it was simple and just due to my lack of RegExp knowledge, \b saves the day.