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    [PHP] Using regex to add bracketing code

    Hello, all...

    I'm having some difficulty with using preg_replace in PHP to find lines in a large block of HTML which do not contain a certain string and bracketing them with <em> tags.

    Basically, I've got a huge block of text sent from a form, which I did nl2br on to make it display with spaces.

    I now want to find anything that starts with two line breaks (<br /><br />) that then are *not* followed by a span tag, go all the way to the *next* set of line breaks, and surround the whole thing with <em></em>

    In other words:

    HTML Code:
    <br /><br />
    <span class="gold">Some varying text here.</span><br /><br />
    Some other text here, not wrapped in a span tag.<br /><br />

    I'd like to do a preg_replace which finds the second line (because it does not have the <span> tag) and makes it italic.

    Anyone have any thoughts on how to do this in PHP? Let me know if the question isn't clear or if you need more information. Thanks!
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    1. The initial <br>s will have a line break after them. Use \s+ for that.
    2. A negative assertion can check if the bit after isn't a <span> tag; it looks like (?!..).
    3. An ungreedy dot-all for the rest, going up to a <br><br> or the end of the string.

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