This is my first attempt to use regex. I have a search page, in which I'd like to highlight search results, but only if they don't occur within an html hyperlink.

I have this, which when I test on an online regex tester shows "False" for <searchterm> and "True" for searchterm:
But when I implement it with ASP, such as the below, it doesn't seem to be able to find any matches:

Dim regEx, strText
  Set regEx = New RegExp
  regEx.Global = true
  regEx.IgnoreCase = True
  regEx.Pattern = "^(?:(?!([<].*searchterm.*[>])).)*$"

  'strText = ""
  strText = strText & "searchterm <a href='searchterm'>test</a>" 

  Response.Write regEx.Replace(strText,"<b style='color: #000099; font-size: 18pt'>$1</b>")

Thanks for your help . . .