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    Exclamation RegExp + MySQL tricky problem


    I consider myself a fairly good programmer, but regular expressions have never been my speciality. And now I have run into a tricky problem.

    Let's say I have a database with a large table containing different words. I am given an array of characters, let's say "asdfg". Now, I want to extract all words from the database containing these characters, and I want to do it in one query using regular expressions to make it fast.

    The catch: I can only use each character once, and all characters does not have to be used.

    This is my approach so far, but it still allows characters to be used more than once:

    SELECT * FROM tblwords WHERE wWord REGEXP '^[asdfg]{1,}$'
    And the bonus:
    Let's say i'm given a wildcard: "asdfg*". The wildcard can work as any character, and I can be given several wildcards, apart from that it's the same problem.

    Anyone got a good idea?
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    I doubt there's a way to do this in regex alone. You can use the rlike function to pull out all the items that might be matches, then use a programming language to determine the uniqueness of the characters.

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