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    Stripping whitespace and commas from end of multilines


    Please can someone help me with a regex that almost works fine!

    I want it to strip off any whitespace, commas, newlines, and CRs off the end of multiline text; then add ", " at the end of each line. I've almost got it right. BTW, the text will be from a HTML textarea form field.

    For example, I want...

    10, High Street ,
    Cambridge. .
    CB1 1BC,.,

    ...To look likes this afterwards:

    Sunnyside, 10, High Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 1BC,

    Note: There could be zero or more whitespace surrounding a comma or full-stop adjacent to the newline or CR. Also note I'd want to leave the ", " following "10" as it is, because I'm just trying to clean up the stuff towards the end of each line so I can reformat it myself. Although, seen as I'm joining it up into a single line it wouldn't matter, I guess!?

    I'm doing this in PHP, but the pattern should be familiar to most. This is what I got so far:
    $message = preg_replace("/[\s,\.]*[\n\r\z]/", ", ", $address);

    This produces the following output, using my example:
    Sunnyside, 10, High Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 1BC,.,

    As you can see, it appears to work fine except for the last line, which doesn't have a newline. I was hoping the "\z" would solve that.

    BTW, I don't actually want the replacement string (", ") at the very end, but I'll do something else to chop that off.

    I suppose an alternative to 'replacing' is to instead 'match' into an array, then join back together with a ", " delimiter.

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    Try this:
    $result = preg_replace('/[\s,.]*[\s\r]*$/m', ',', $subject)

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