Hi Website builder,

I'd like to ask you for adivce for the following troubleshoot:

Using httrack & NeoDownloader to bulk download jpgs fom a login & pass website (don't worry I'm a paying member) but I just can't fix the config for this specific site login & pass URL:

www christycanyon.com/members/

Thumbnails URL:
www christycanyon.com/members/gallery.php?g=393

Gallery (full seize *.jpgs) URLs:
<http:// mc10.christycanyon.com/r/galleries/393/20130823001.jpg>
<http:// mc10.christycanyon.com/r/galleries/393/20130823002.jpg>
<http:// mc10.christycanyon.com/r/galleries/393/20130823003.jpg>

Would be thankful for your support? I also tried WinHTTrack & wget but same thing. Its simply doesn't follow the URL pattern!

1. How to find out the regex of the site (galleries)?
2.What kind of scan rules to use?

THANKS A LOT & hope my question belongs here right!

Thanks also to @ManiacDan who closed my thread for the simple reason of respecting the board rules!!
Its seems he forgot the own forum rules:
We are sorry, new user accounts are not permitted to create posts containing URLs. Please review our forum rules for more information.
You have given exactly zero information since your URLs and examples aren't here. Further to that, bulk-downloading still may be a violation of the site's rules, and bulk-downloading can result in extensive jail time in the US. Contact the site's administrator if you wish to save every single piece of their content. This thread is closed.