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    Basic ruby program to count chars

    Heyya, So I got a new assignment in my uni, but so far I have only learned c++ and suddenly they throw us into ruby, (assholes!)

    I got the program this far

    print "write a sentence: "
    sentence= gets
    puts "#{setning}"
    "#{setning}".each_char {|c| print c, ' ' }

    But I dont know where to go from here, the program should do as follows:

    If I write hello world

    as input then the program should read out
    1*d, 1*e, 1*h, 3*l, 2*o, 1*r, 1*w.

    so, only lower case and in alphabetical order without showing 0*f for example.

    in c++ i would do something like fin.eof{ if a( a++)

    and so on, not 100% sure how but, can anyone help me with this this is so confusing

    Maybe a array would be a good idea? but I wouldnt know how to utilize it or how to make it in ruby
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    this requires no Ruby-specific functionalities at all. If you can write down the pseudo-code, you shouldn't have any problems implementing it in Ruby.

    So what's the pseudo-code? Or C++ code, if you want.
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    Looks like your assignment wasn't so important after all.

    Anyway, this is actually an interesting task, because it shows the versatility of Ruby. You can solve this in a classical way using a Hash. Or you can take advantage of Ruby's highlevel methods.

    By far the simplest and shortest solution would be to use String#char. But I guess that's kinda cheating.

    ruby Code:
    input = "Hello world"
    ('a'..'z').each do |char|
      count = input.downcase.count char
      puts "#{count} * #{char}" if count > 0

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