We represent an established team of three Ruby on Rails developers who are available immediately for projects large or small.

Technical Experience:
* Each developer was selected from a large pool of candidates passing multiple rounds of written and oral technical interviews
* Experienced in rich AJAX Web 2.0 applications using JavaScript and Rails helpers to interface Prototype and Script.aculo.us libraries.
* Deep knowledge of Rails 1.2 & Rails 2.0 frameworks and REST::NET web services, attachmentfu, Rmagick, Spry framework etc
* Deployment expertise in Windows and Linux to setup architectures with mongrel clusters using either apache or nginx

Recent projects the team has completed:
* Custom-built ERP system for a manufacturing company (7000+ programming hours)
* Custom-built administrable online content-sharing application (1000+ programming hours)
* Entertainment portal, allowing users to search for and view online multimedia from various sources (500+ programming hours)

The team is in South America, so the rates are substantially below typical US standards while the developers are vertically below US time zones, making communication much easier than with India. They prefer to work with an Agile development methodology that includes frequent releases and communication. The team is fluent in Spanish and has excellent written English with good spoken English.

If desired, DreamStaffing can also supplement this team with a fluent bi-lingual project manager, HTML/CSS developers, user interface designers, or any other skill sets that are needed for a project.

Please contact us at ROR-team[at]dreamstaffing[dot]com for more information.