Gday all,

Ok, Does anyone remember way back in school when you would have a question on paper like "match the words to their definitions" and you would have two lists next to each other and you would match the list items with lines?

Well i want to do that with RoR. A few ideas have been thrown around the team in working with.

Such as...

Making one list uneditable and the second list a sortable element and just testing on the second list.

Making both lists sortable...

A bunch of other random stuff.

But we still think it would be good if we could get a system where the user could click one list item (the object would highlight or something) then click an item from the second list and have them join together with a line.

the question is a two part question i guess..

first, how would we go about achieving the above?

secondly, how would we go about storing the changes (using ajax and not using ajax) so that we could display results (preferably which connections were correct and which were incorrect.

thanks in advance!