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    Where's the readline? And... The documentation for it?

    Any ideas where there's good solid documentation on Ruby? I was reading up on the ins and outs on http://www.techotopia.com and wanted to know how to read from files... It showed me a few methods like File.open and File.new, I thought okay, I'll check out the Ruby API Documentation... And found http://ruby-doc.org/ so I thought, hey, this must be it...

    I thought I'd take a look at 1.9 standard library since that was the version of Ruby I was running, and looked up the File class. I was a little surprised when the documentation didn't actually list the method "readline". What have I missed exactly? I'm looking at the File class... Is the tutorial site wrong? Is there a better source for Ruby documentation?
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    The method you are looking for is called File.gets(). Odd that the ruby-doc site shows documentation for the ftools module, not the core File class. When you require 'ftools', it will add extra methods to the File class.
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