I come from a heavy PHP background, but I fell in love with Ruby when I started reading manuals about a week ago. However, I have run in to a snafoo.

Before I get in to it, though, let me make sure I understand what I've been reading:
  • Ruby was not designed with the web specifically in mind.
  • mod_ruby was created as a module for apache to allow one instance of the ruby interpreter to run.
  • erb and eRuby were created to allow code to be mixed in to other files via <% %>.
  • Ruby on Rails does not actually use apache, but uses a ruby script to run it's own server.
Am I correct about all this?

Back to it: Is error reporting so bad with mod_ruby that it just shows an "500: Internal Server Error"? Is there any way to get a more verbose message without changing the apache error document? What about displaying warnings?

Thanks for your help.