Hey all,

I've been learning RoR at home, but using my free period at school to do it also would be great. So far I have installed Ruby, and the Ruby Eclipse plug in (We have Eclipse installed on our networks). The problem is that I cannot access ruby via the terminal/command line to install ruby gems and Rails.

I am able to
- Run some .exe(Some don't work for some reason)
- acess the command line and execute most commands
- install stuff at home onto a flash drive and maybe run it at school(again, some exes don't work)

Also, I have extracted RadRails onto my flash drive, but whenever I try to run it, the red screen that says "RadRials" comes up, but then everything disappears. I had it working before, not sure what happened.

We run Novell.


Of course I could just ask the network admin to install it for me, but that would be no fun