Is there any, SIMPLE software that I can use to build GRAPHIC INTERFACES for Ruby scripts? a kind of VISUALbasic or REALbasic or even Xcode alike?

I know I've asked this before, BUT! I forgot to mention... I'm a graphic designer, NOT A PROGRAMMER! I use Mac not LINUX, so don't know anything about compiling and that things. I'm used to double click on icons and things "magically happen" Did I made myself clear?

I've browsing many sites that has this "so called" simple applications, BUT! is there anything really simple that I don't have to build, compile, bind or whatever other "strange" thing?

I really felt in love with RUBY, I think I'm doing very well with it, but I would like to apply its power through something else beside terminals or pure script. For example I can make a simple yet fully functional WordProcessor within hours in RealBasic, I would like to use the power of Ruby for handling text in a more "VISUAL WAY".

I'm in a point that would be very frustrating to put my learned knowledge about Ruby in the Trash can, help!!!!!!!!!!!