I have a Shout/Chat box using Ajax Ruby on Rails.
The chat goes in just fine and uses Ajax with ease.

What I would like to have happen, instead of refreshing page every X seconds.
Is to make it post changes have been made to clients using the Shout Box.

Can any one help me get this going?

Below is the code in my rtml.

<div class="tableborder">
            <div class="maintitle"><b>ShoutBox!</b></div>
              Last 10 Shouts:
              <hr size="1" align="left" width="100%" color="blue">
                <div id="shouts" class="shoutpad" style="overflow:auto;">
                <% @shoutLines = Shout.find(:all, :order => 'timestamp DESC', :limit => 10) %>
                  <% @shoutLines.each do |sl| %>
                  <% @user = User.find(sl.user_id) %>
                  <div class="hlight"><strong><%=h @user.username %></strong> on <%=h sl.timestamp %></div>
                   <%=h sl.text %>
                  <br /><br/>
                  <% end %>

              <hr size="1" align="left" width="100%" color="blue">
              <div class="tablepad">
                 <form action="../shout/create" method="post">
                       <b>Message: </b>
                       <input id="shout_message" name="shout[text]" size="20" type="text" value=""/>
                       <%= submit_tag 'Send' %>
I've been playing around with prototype.js with no luck.
I think that will make it work the way I need it.

Note: Eventually I need to figure out how to keep the scrolling there too, not just the last 10 shouts.

Thanks in advance