I hope you people can help me out with this one. For a week or so i am trying to modify a ruby script written by Justin. The biggest problem is I don't have any experience programming ruby so I asked for his help and although he offered to help me he is to busy with other things so i thought to ask my question here...

what the script does:
It gives me a shell to communicate to the Arduino through a usb2serial connection.

what i want to change:
when i run the program i give the script one argument, this argument is the location of my serial port, in my case this is:

ruby arduinoshell.rb /dev/tty.usbserial-A6008i1S

but instead of a shell, i want to use more parameters/arguments like this:

ruby arduinoshell.rb /dev/tty.usbserial-A6008i1S "pinMode(13, OUTPUT)" "digitalWrite(13,HIGH)"

any help would be appreciated!

more info about the script and the download link can be found here:

inhocsignovinces dot net

and then look for: Breakfast, serial for Arduino

I assume i have to remove the IRB thingy and replace it with something...

Until now i only came up with this:

PHP Code:
puts ARGV.size

.each do |a|
puts "Argument: #{a}"