So I have a fairly detailed python script I wrote which does some data mining across the web each day. The script takes a good amount of time though so I do not want to dedicate my computer to it, therefore, I am attempting to put it on my GoDaddy hosting account and have a cron job run it every day from there.

I am having some trouble understanding the interface for running scripts on web hosting. Is there a command line like interface where I could run it like I can do on my own machine (i.e. see outputs, troubleshoot live)? Right now all I see is file managers and using ftp to interact, but does not give me options to execute or to see live feedback like my command line does on my machine

If someone has a tutorial about running scripts off web hosting or can point me to somewhere specifically for go daddy where I can work from a command line and get live results, that would be extremely helpful.

Thank you in advance.