Im very new to Unix, and was wondering if someone could help me.
Basically, Im trying to convert a bunch of FITS files into ASCII.

I used ftools to do this, by typing "heasoft" to start ftools, and then "fimgdmp", unfortunately it only allows files to be converted one at a time.
I was hoping that a script could be written that uses a list of the files that need converting, and inputs it into 'fimgdmp'.

So basically, I need a script that opens ftools, then types 'fimgdmp', then at the 'input' prompt takes the first file in a list and types that, then makes up a name for the 'output', then just presses 'return' (the return key) for the other 4 parameters. And repeats this for each file in the list.

So far I tried just writing a script that starts up 'fimgdmp'. I wrote:

#! /bin/csh -f
foreach var (spectra.lis)
heasoft #start ftools
fimgdmp #start the fimgdmp command

but it didnt work. I basically have no idea what Im doing.

Can anyone help me with this please?