Hi All,

I wasn't sure exactly where to post this but I hope you can help.

I have set up an image gallery http://www.hoarcrosscare.co.uk/index.php?page=gallery via a content managment system but the client would like the images to automatically scroll rather than having to manually click the prev/next links.

Does anyone know how/if it would be possible to adapt the current script to do this or of any other existing slideshow scripts that do this that I could replace it with?

The script would need these features:

  • auto scroll/slideshow
  • lightbox effect
  • resize according to image dimensions/orientation
  • backend admin so a non-techy person can add/remove images and captions?

I'm of course willing to buy such a script as I realise it's fairly comprehensive to have the admin side to it but the budget is pretty tight. If no one knows of an existing package that does all this do you know of anyone who I could commission to adapt the current script or write such a script that I could use?

Many thanks for any advice,