i want to create a mobile phone website. i am not selling any thing i want to create it for adsense.
for which i need a script.
i want to describe each models specifications user can navigate it by brand, price range and by features.
and if posible they can compare two or more mobile phone models

here is the list of mobile phones websites. these are not mine they belongs to different webmasters but they all have same layout and frame.
they all have a side navigation to navigate by brand, price, features.
and when we click any mobile phone model it display the specifications of model in table format.
so i think they all use same script for it.
i want to know which script they have used.
Name of the script and from where i can get it.
any advice please
list of mobile phones websites
www(dot)pakistanmobileprices (dot)com

please check these sites to understand me