Hi all.

I work in a printing company that prints on a variety of materials.

First question
We have a website with live price estimation made with Javascript/jQuery. What we need is to understand if it's possible to run our price estimation faster. Our estimation is slow due to the amount of line that some estimate contain. In addition we made a huge access to the DOM and so the browser goes slower and slower each time you change something in the product. I start to study node.js but i don't know if it's the suitable way. Do you think that node.js with the use of socket.io will increase the performance of our estimation? Do you know any kind of other way to make a faster product price estimation? Do you know something to integrate in our website?

Second question
We have product that need to be personalized by our customers. We need a software that let each customer customize his product directly on the browser. Once done, the system will generate a pdf that will be printed by our machines. Our products are things like: t-shirt, businness cards, postcards, invitations, bags, packagings, displays, and so on. So you can understand that the software that we need to produce has a general purpose. In your opinion, witch should be the best programming language e the best solution to do such a project? Do you know, eventually, something already done to integrate in our website?

Thank you very much.