I have a quick question if anyone knows the answer: I am trying to run a batch file with multiple commands on it, but after it executes the first task, it will not proceed to the next task until after I close the program that was opened from the first task, I've tried taskkill but it won't even go to the taskkill command until after I manually close the program that is opened! and then it goes to the taskkill command and says file not found, b/c I closed it manually! Anyways here is an example of what I am trying to run, this is the first line:

cd C:\Program Files\Web Content Extractor
WCExtractor.exe "C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\DATASCRAPE\datafile.wcepr" -qe"C:\perl2exe\practicescript\TOMSCGI\datafile1.txt"

WHAT I NEED: i want it to continue to the next line on its own, b/c I have multiple files I am trying to run through, the next line example is:

WCExtractor.exe "C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\DATASCRAPE\datafile.wcepr" -qe"C:\perl2exe\practicescript\TOMSCGI\datafile2.txt"

PROBLEM: the problem is it won't go to the next line until I manually close the program file from the first line! I've tried placing this after each task:
taskkill /im WCEXTR~1.exe /f
but it won't even go to that command until the program is closed... any help or suggestions would be much appreciated ! thanks tom


SOLUTION WAS: to place -ex (to exit the program) at the end of the line and then use taskkill on the same line! and it moves right along...