We are looking for a simple offer wall script - most of the programs have already been developed & can be combined - so this really isnt that big of a script - but would be for someone who has never done this before & is trying to create this from scratch. If trying to make this from scratch - then this is not a feasible project. If you can combine scripts to get them to work - then this is an easy project.

we need something that has the ability to load offers in with the following fields/filters:

offer name
offer description ( with a %points% as a filler to put in the users points description.
offer category ( All offers included in one, New offers ( for offers added in last 48 hours) Survey offers, Mobile offers, Download offers, Trial Offers, Purchase offers, Games, Quiz Contests, Video offers)

Country Targeting
Regional targeting (GEO ISP type targeting based on state)
Browser targeting ( ie firefox, chrome, internet explorer, etc)
advertiser rate
publisher rate ( set at a specific % of advertiser rate)
offer cap - hourly, daily, weekly, & monthly
completion frequency - daily, weekly, monthly, never
ability to filter based on (1 male/female & age range)

offer link - needs to track - 1) tracking ID, 2) IP address, 3) date 4) publisher ID 5) GPT or Social
postback link added ( must check to make sure it credits to be able to set offer to live
or pixel link added (must check to make sure it credits to be able to set offer to live
Banner added ( needs to be 125x125 or 120x60)

advertiser crediting IP ( need to be able to add multiple IP addresses) so we can white list this
postback/pixel error log - need to be able to see what is erroring out & reason for error.

Ability to blacklist IP address or publisher or GPT sites per offer

system that keeps track of how much is spent based on the advertiser rate for invoicing the advertiser.
need basic information about the advertiser ( name, username, balance) & if they are prepaid or not & if not set a budget that they can not go over in a certain month
also set it up so that if there are more than 1 of an offer that is entered into the system - based on the landing page ( or we can set it up so that offers that are the duplicates can be run when cap is hit on the higher paying offer.

Ok - so the publisher side of this:

more simple
needs to have the offer wall (flash or java based) that can be easily integrated & append the following filters to the link
1) Subid ( like user id) 2) male/female 3) age
Ability to add in their currency name
ability to determine their currency rate ( $1 = 100 points, so they can chose how many points to award their users)
ability to block certain offers from being shown or categories from being shown on their wall.

needs to be able to add postback link & test to make sure it works
needs to keep track of how much they have earned & be able to download a conversion csv file that shows the transaction information specifically.
total earnings, total clicks, total epc - daily, weekly, monthly. pending payout.
needs to be able to have their registration information, website type & payment information requested & a checkbox we can check when we receive their w9/w8

Im sure that there is more that i am missing - but this is the basics of it - which is a normal offer wall script.

we have already purchased the domain - wallabyads.com - which will be kangaroo themed.

If this is something that you can create for about $500 then we can move forward. If not thank you for your time