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    Arrow Welcome to the Server and Website Management Scripts Forum


    Welcome to the Scripts Forum. Discuss the scripts you use as well as the ones you're interested in here. Find out where you can get them, how well they work, and how to tailor them.

    Please make sure you help us to help you by trying to post in the correct place and follow our simple set of rules.

    1. Please make sure you say whether you are looking for a script, sharing a good script with others, or discussing a script.

    2. Make sure you provide a link to the script or its website if you are discussing or sharing a script.

    3. Please make sure you write what language, operating system and webserver you are looking to run a script on if you are looking for a script.

    4. Please do not advertise your own pay-for scripts. You can provide a link to your site if you are offering free scripts.

    5. Please post if you are willing to pay for a script or are looking for a free script.

    So, thanks for coming to this section of our forums, we hope you will return soon. Please direct all questions about this forum to me or another moderator in this forum via PM.

    Thank you,
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    We've been getting a lot of posts in this forum for issues outside of the forum's main purpose. Just for clarification, Scripts is a place to request user feedback on ready-to-use scripts that are available, free or otherwise.

    So, if you're looking for a recommendation on what ready-made Javascript to use for form verification, or the best PHP-based script to run a Blog, or a good Perl script to check your server's health, this is the place to be.

    If you have questions about a specific scripting language, the appropriate place to post is in that language's forum. If you're stuck on a PHP, Javascript, VBScript, Perl, etc issue, look in the Devshed forum directory for the appropriate programming forum and post your question there.

    Also, if you're looking for ready-to-use Scripts in almost any language, be sure to visit Devshed's own Scripts.com site; it's also a great example of what this forum was created to discuss, in case you weren't sure.
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