An interesting thing happens when I run a WSH script
on my Win2K SP4 system.

I created a VBScript with an FSO object to read file
contents and display it. When the script runs, my
firewall throws up an alert saying that wscript.exe
is requesting access to the internet. The requested
IP address is something in the realm of
A little analysis reveals this to be within the IP
address assignments for VeriSign.

I can either allow or refuse, the result being the same.
NortonAV pops up a warning about a malicious script.
Since I know what the script is and what it is doing
I allow it to run and it works as you'd expect.

I can understand why NortonAV is throwing up a warning
and I can disable malicious script blocking if I need
to, but I don't understand why wscript.exe is
requesting internet access.

Can anyone explain this activity? This only seems to
happen when I use the FileSystemObject in WSH.