hello everybody.

i am currently studying and besides that working for the international office at my university.
i am currently building up a small website to post pictures of events we organized with/for the foreign students.
as our organisation is not very reliable i do not even have a complete list of all foreign students.
to get a more complete list i would like to add some features to my website which i will list below. the problem is there are a lot of different scripts/tools for free floating around but i thought i'd rather ask first, maybe somebody knows how to achieve my golas with free tools and the less different scripts/tools are involved the better.

i want to:
- start a newsletter to which ppl can subscribe themselves online. the idea is if at least half of the students receive it (i will subscribe these ppl from my list myself as i am entitled to send them emails) they will talk about the events we organized so everybody who did not get my email will subscribe so my list will complete itsself. i would like a newsletter subscription service where ppl can add more details than their email if they want e.g. their names, which semester they are attending, which country they are from, etc. also i'd like to be able to use the database of this newsletter in other applications as well,e.g. import into excel, etc
- a feedback formular, containing for example name, email, subject, text 8this should be the easiest part
- the possibility for visitors to participate in a poll like: I want a, b or c to be the target of our next museum visit. no ipfilter wanted as most of the students are accessing from the university pcs. just the selections for the poll and a field where the visitor can identify himself e.g. by his email

ok, i hope that is all and maybe someone can give me some hints to certain scripts/tools