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    Question General SSI ? Curious if this is possible

    Hello all. Hard to find something like this on the web so I'm turning to the experts. I'm curious to know if something like this is possible?

    When a visitor leaves my site, an alert / popup window / new page (or something to that effect) shows the visitor how much time in hours, minutes and seconds they spent at my site and how much bandwidth they used per visit or browser session. I run a *very heavy* free graphics / fonts download site and I want visitors to be aware of just how much their visit used in bandwidth and just how long it took them to use that much bandwidth. There's more to the story, but for the purposes of my question, I guess that's enough to know for now.

    If this is possible, I'm thinking maybe CGI/Perl? I don't know how to implement anything in other SS languages. This means, if the script is already written in CGI/Perl, chances are excellent I can install it myself with little instruction.

    And again, if possible, where? who? how much?

    Thanks in advance for any and all feedback regarding my question.

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    You could keep track of how much data (bytes) each user downloaded, and the amount of elapsed time it took to send each of the downloads. Don't know if that necessarily qualifies as bandwidth usage, but it would give the user some idea of how much they had used the site.

    You'd probably want to keep this as a running total / status on your site because I don't know that there's any good way to determine when a user has left your site and intercept that event to bring up a pop-up


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