Hi all,

I am completely new to this, and I ahve an assignment to do by the end of the day. Please help me.

I don't know to edit the crontab ,I tried doing that but I get error msg in my mail.

1) cron should send me a email for 5 days only on weekdays & no on weekends

2) a script which searches the /tmp on my machine to see what files are not used for atleat 3 days & remove them

3) Everyday midnight my cron should move /var/adm/messages to file message_DATE & create a new file.

I want to create scripts for this call from the crontab how do I do that ?

Where can I see the output of crontab?
what is 2>&1 etc what does it mean?
I want to see the out put of the cron on my screen how do I do that?

Please,Please, help me. This is my first job & I don't want to mess this up.

I use sun solaris8