I want to learn web programming, but my experience with programming has always been negative - hard. I am excellent at reproducing and debugging software/hardware bugs; Sometimes fixing bugs. I can also modify or add functionality to programs/hardware. However, writing programs from scratch has always been a problem. I think it is like music or art; You have to be born with an aptitude for it.

I was drawn to this site, and scripting in specifically, because scripting seems more intuitive to me. I have worked with scripting on test equipment, and the programming is more like describing the actions of the user. To me scripting frees you up to actually do the programming at a higher level. Am I right?

What I would like to do is pick a test project, post for help on how to: Define functionality, the modules, language, and in general complete the project with everyones' help. Can you guys help me like that? Should I take a different approach? Be nice.